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        eyelash extensions

        Mouth Facial?

        February 28th, 2008 by Jeannie


        There is just such a thing and it was created by Dr. Gerry Curatola, founder of the Rejuvenation Mouth Facial in NYC.  Healthy teeth and gums means a healthy body and since alot of our health issues can occur from problems with our teeth and gums it’s important to take care of them with regular dental visits and now even a facial. 

        The mouth facial is similar to that of an actual facial where you’ll receive a relaxing face massage prior to starting the treatment, this will also include the use of aromatherapy candles to give the feeling of being at a spa.  Next there is a mouth cleansing and removal of any plaque or calcium deposits.  Lastly an antioxidant rich gum mask is applied.   What you’re left feeling with is spa fresh teeth!


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        Partners in Beauty

        November 9th, 2007 by Jeannie


        Partners In Beauty 

        I wanted to announce to all my readers that one of my businesses LASH OUT! has just joined on with San Diego based Partners in Beauty and will be offering discounts on eyelash extensions to all members who sign up. 

        Partners in Beauty is a San Diego network of high end health, beauty, fashion and fitness experts offering huge discounts to their members.  PIB was founded in 2005 by Sarah Neal, a patient advocate for Dr. Dennis Bucko, a top San Diego Plastic Surgeon.  Sarah has worked on putting together this network of businesses to give it’s members the best possible beauty, health, fashion, fitness products and services at huge discounts. 

        Membership is only $50/year and includes a free microdermabrasion treatment from the Belladerma Medical Spa as well as $50 towards your favorite treatment every quarter and a chance for a total mommy makeover. Other participating businesses include Haute Culture fashion boutique, Stephanie’s Shoes, LA Weightloss, Spa Velia, La Jolla Sports Club, Estancia La Jolla, iTan, Ultrafit and more. 

        Just present your Partners In Beauty membership card to receive savings anywhere from 15 -40% off. PIB will be expanding to other areas in the future but for now it is available only in San Diego.


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        Celebrity Facial

        February 18th, 2007 by Jeannie



        I saw one of my friends the other day and her face looked just amazing. She looked about 5 years younger over night! Her skin appeared smooth and the wrinkles she had were barely noticeable. I couldn’t help but compliment her. Finally she gave it up…well, I guess the day before she went and had an Epicuren Facial done. It’s a 60 minute facial that’s only available at exclusive spas. The treatment consists of an Advanced Enzyme Technology that helps to maintain youth and vitality in the skin. The Epicuren Facial improves skin elasticity, clarity and texture. It’s the ideal detoxification facial and it also helps to increase your cell metabolism. Results are diminished wrinkles and a glowing youthful complexion.  There is also a line of Epicuren products that you can use at home.

        P.S. The Epicuren Facial is also the celebrities secret to beautiful skin.


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        Valentine Spa Getaway

        February 1st, 2007 by Jeannie

        Medbery Inn & Spa 

        Looking for a spa getaway with your partner or maybe with your best girlfriend?.  Well, Spa Index Media has just launched its “Valentine’s Day 2007 Spa Getaway to New York” contest.

        There are several prizes but the grand prize is a two night stay at the Medbery Inn & Spa, a two (2) person session in the Spa’s whirlpool mineral bath; a one (1) hour massage for one (1) person; a spa buffet breakfast for two (2) persons, served in the Inn’s San Souci dining room each morning; and, a spa amenity gift. 

        The Medberry Inn is where scenes of “The Way We Were” with Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford were filmed. How romantic!

        The final date of the contest is February 28, 2007, and the winner announced on March 1, 2007. Contest is open to US and Canadian citizens only and you must be over 18 to enter. Good Luck to anyone who enters!


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        NYC Valentine

        January 28th, 2007 by Jeannie




        With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we are on the look out for some fun gift ideas and things to do.  Frank’s Chop Shop and the Valley both located on the lower east side of Manhattan, New York offer something both are sure to enjoy.



        For him there’s Frank’s Chop Shop a full-service traditional barbershop and in their words “an innovative enivronment for gentlemen“.  A place of leisure for the hip and contemporary gentleman, where he will be able to read the latest issues of the Frank Book and chop it up with friends and associates. He’ll receive a high-quality cut in one of three original 1930’s barber chairs and pick up custom products on his way out.




        For her there’s the Valley - a one-stop-shopping experience where she’ll indulge on a “facial for her nails” by nail techs who will work closely with her to create then produce unique nail art designs. A bikini wax using South American waxing techniques will leave her skin glowing and smooth. Lastly, she’ll enjoy a bowl of Acai which will give her the energy kick she needs to pick out an outfit to match her fabulous nails!After an afternoon of relaxation and primping both will be ready to meet up and enjoy a romantic night out on the town!

        Can’t come in, not a problem gift certificates are always a great way to go! 

        For more information please visit Frank’s Chop Chop – 19 Essex Street and Valley - 48 Orchard Street

        Gift certificates are available at both locations!



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        January 23rd, 2007 by Jeannie


        Spa Violet

        Not too far from where i live in San Diego there’s this adorable little spa about 20 minutes north in Cardiff by the Sea called spaViolet. Miss Violet the owner (if you didn’t figure it out) has this motto: “While aging gracefully is nice, aging disgracefully is a lot more fun.” They’ve got really great skincare treatments like “Put a Little Sugar in My Bowl body scrub”, which gently polishes and nourishes the skin and the “Shrinking Violet”, an UltraViolet Infrared Wrap which can burn up to 1200 calories in one sitting, helping clients to get ready for that teeny weeny bikini. But what’s really cool is their “Brow Bar” where clients can “Brows by Anytime”.


        spaViolet also specializes in cosmetic tattooing, aka permanent make-up, also permanent tattooing of eyebrows, eyeliner, and re-pigmentation of the skin. If you’re ever in town brows by and say hi. Website:


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        Beauty TV

        November 15th, 2006 by Jeannie

        Beauty Show

        There’s a new show in town.  It’s called the Beauty Show. It’s a combination magazine and TV show.  The show is a TV series that that runs 30 minutes long and can be seen on the Beauty Fashion and Healthy Living Channels through Comcast, Time Warner, and Dish Networks.  They can also be viewed 24/7 at .  I received the magazine’s premiere issue today.  I’m always excited when something new about beauty comes out especially when it’s from around the world.  There aim is to bring you up-to-date news on everything beauty. 

        The first issue covers spa retreats  and exciting new products and here’s one I’d like to mention which i think is a fab idea.  They are called Thinnies and it’s basically a pair of  stretch shorts that are comprised of neoprene, bio ceramic and nylon that act like a body wrap.  There is also a contour cream that you would apply prior to putting the shorts on that activates the process of shrinking our hips, thighs and bottoms.  How exciting to now be able to Spa and Walk at the same time! 

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        Spa Products Making Drugstore Debut

        November 10th, 2006 by Jeannie

        European Beauty Collection

        Coming this fall to a Walgreens near you will be a collection of high quality European Spa Products.  Seven lines from Greece, Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland have joined together to offer their skincare products in America under The European Beauty Collection.  You can also join the European Beauty Club and receive many benefits such as eligibility to win free product and prizes, the ability to write and publish your opinions, tips, and experiences on every product in the collection, free samples at participating Walgreens stores - all you have to do is print a copy of your account profile and take it to the nearest participating Walgreens store. You will also Receive email updates on European Beauty Collection news, tips, and upcoming promotions. 

        Visit  for all the details.

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        Handmade Goodness

        November 7th, 2006 by Jeannie

        Maryann Soap Nook

        With the holidays just around the corner there is no better time to start your gift buying.  The one thing everyone loves are spa gifts especially handmade ones.  Maryam’s Soak Nook offers a wide selection of soaps, scrubs, lotions, hydrating mists… the list goes on.  All are a wonderful blend of natural ingredients and delicious flavors that moisture and nourish the skin.  The whipped Shea Monoi Body Butter is a like a dessert souffle and looks good enough to eat!  Light & fluffy it absorbs into the skin and the clean fresh scent stays with you all day long. My favorite is the Luxury Body Mist.  It’s a light and fragrant hydrater.  Great in the morning after a shower or anytime you want a little lift. Whatever the occassion Maryam’s Soap Nook products make a wonderful gift or a personal treat.

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        Triple Oxygen™ Instant Energizing Mask

        September 29th, 2006 by Jeannie

        Triple Oxygen Facial Mask


        New from Bliss Spa. Engineered as a stand-in for Bliss Spas’ world-famous triple oxygen facial treatment.   This quick mask which only takes a few seconds to apply to skin releases oxygen molecules and detoxifiers which allow for a healthy and fresh glow.  The way this treatment would work in a spa is an esthetician, after massaging and deep-cleaning your pores, will wave a thin plastic hose slightly above your head which will direct pure pressurized oxygen through a custom blend of micro-molecular skin rehydrators, vitamins and antioxidants. 

        So why should we do this? Well as we get older, our natural oxygen levels in our skin decline, and along with them, goes the energy needed to keep our cells functioning to keep our face looking fresh and healthy.  By applying the triple oxygen mask we are allowing this to happen and all in the privacy of our own homes!

         Sounds good to me!

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        Pampering in Flight

        September 21st, 2006 by Jeannie

        Jet Blue Shut Eye Service

        Flying by night has never been so pampering. JetBlue and Bliss Spa have partnered to offer Shut-Eye Service to passengers on night flights from the West Coast. Shut-Eye Kit includes bliss breath freshening mint lip balm, bliss lemon+sage body butter, an eyeshade and ear plugs.

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